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The Last Year Has Been So Hard On And For All Of Us

We have been hearing for many years that taking a vacation is generally beneficial for our overall physical and mental health, but taking a specifically designed “wellness” vacation has even more added benefits. Whether you choose a Wellness retreat, or simply a spa vacation with other activities, here are some of the benefits you can expect:

An Opportunity To Focus On Your Health Goals

Disconnecting from the distractions of modern-day life and finding the inspiration you need to reach your goals is the first benefit. Whether your goals are weight loss, fitness, mindfulness, or simply a reset for your everyday habits, it is much easier to get this going when you are away from your daily routine. This opportunity to chart a course toward lasting change is priceless, and hard to do if you are trying to fit it into your everyday routine.

Helps Change Your Food Habits

You’ll step away from staring into the fridge and wondering if anything in there has changed. Instead, you will find new foods, and new ways of looking at foods. Most wellness escapes will offer healthy choices with gourmet flair. Trying new things is a joy in every vacation, but trying ones that have positive impact on your health is even better.

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You Can Explore New Ways To Get Into Shape

Most wellness packages include access to professionals who are experts at determining the best exercises that meet your goals. They are also well versed in finding out what you think is fun. Having an activity that you really enjoy will help you stick to it over time. That way you keep getting the benefit even after the vacation is over.

The Healing Aspect Of Nature

In general, Wellness packages are located in beautiful, natural destinations. This gives you the chance to reconnect with nature while reaping the benefits for yourself. Simply looking at natural surroundings can lower your blood pressure and make for a better day.

Find Your Perfect Sleep Cycle

Another benefit from stepping away from your daily grind is discovering that you can sleep more. Americans are chronically under-sleeping due to a variety of reasons. Escaping your evening TV habits and discovering new activities that will relax you will result in better sleep and better sleep results in better health. This is a good spiraling effect.

De-Stress For Success

Stress has been known to have so much negative impact from heart issues, to stomach trouble, to high blood pressure to inflammation and diabetes. Never mind how it impacts sleep. A Wellness vacation where you take the time to get pampered, learn a new activity like meditation, tai chi, or yoga, and find new ways to center yourself will not only lower stress, but also teach you ways to help you manage stress in the future.

Look Forward To Your Vacation

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Even if you aren’t ready to start traveling yet, planning and having a vacation on your calendar can improve your mood and outlook.  We can help you with your vacation plans so reach out today and let us be part of your Wellness Travels in 2021 and beyond!  A special thank you to our friends at Sceptre Vacations with vacation packages all over the world for helping us with this week’s newsletter.