Debi Kelley and her husband Todd just finished a Celebrity Cruise in February. We had a truly great time! The water was that beautiful Caribbean blue, the sun was shining, the breeze was gentle, the food onboard was great…it was just superb!  Read on for some reasons why now is a great time to cruise.

Covid precautions and general cleanliness

As the world learns to live with Covid, cruise lines have adapted. We had to test negative to Covid to board and show our vaccine card. These policies vary by cruise line – some don’t require vaccination. We had to wear masks on the ship but this mandate was dropped the following week. The crew was constantly cleaning and wiping down surfaces.

Onboard the Celebrity Millenium
Great service and hospitality!

Lighter crowds

Our ship was 10% full but most ships are running 50-65% of normal capacity. Ships are leaving some cabins open in case they need to quarantine someone on board.

Medical teams on board

I visited the medical center and saw the testing area and the personnel waiting to take care of anyone needing any medical attention.

Really happy crew

Cruise crews are generally very hospitable and welcoming, and they are just thrilled now to welcome guests on board!  Many of them are finally back to work after two years at home and are just so darn happy.

Cruising is just as great as ever! 

You unpack once, get to see different destinations everyday, enjoy fabulous food and service and entertainment, and take that much needed vacation.

Not all cruise lines and ships are created equal – picking the right one for you is so important!

We understand that cruising isn’t for everyone and that some people aren’t ready to travel yet. We get it. But if you’re curious about cruising – rivers or oceans – and want to explore some possibilities we’d love to help match you with a perfect cruise for you! Contact us if you’d like help with a cruise or other vacation.