Three weeks ago today, I made a huge move – I moved to Cotacachi, Ecuador (thanks Dad for helping me get the pups here)! The weeks leading up to my move and since arriving in this beautiful piece of the world were filled with so many emotions. It was very hard to say goodbye to my friends and the life that I’d built in Colorado. The excitement of learning how to live in a different culture where I’m still learning the language is what kept me moving forward. 

Since arriving, I’ve discovered skills and strengths that I never knew I had and I’ve met so many kind and helpful people.  I believe that having traveled as extensively as I have has really helped me adjust to my move.  Everyone has asked me how long I plan to stay and the answer is I don’t know. Another question I have gotten is what about my business?  Don’t worry, I am still planning upscale international trips and my change in location will not stand in the way of us working together.  You can still pick up the phone and call me just like you always have. And Debi is still in the Denver area and available to talk to you about your tropical vacation dreams.

We know that many of you have been reading our newsletters for a while now but you might not know exactly what we do or the benefit of working with us.  We’d like to take just a couple of minutes to explain it to you.

Getting to know you

We always start with a complimentary phone call.  We get to know each client, your hobbies, interests, travel style, and vision for your dream vacation. This helps us make suggestions for sites, destinations, or activities that you might not think of.

Handcrafted itinerary

We then work with our preferred partners and in-country specialists. They are our eyes on the ground.  They visit hotels to be sure they are up to our standards, they vet all of the tour guides we work with and they offer off-the-beaten-path local experiences that you would never find online. They are also available to assist with anything you need while traveling.

Sit back and relax

Once you approve the itinerary, we go to work making all of the reservations for you and laying out the perfect schedule for everything. We monitor your reservations so if anything changes, we make the necessary changes and communicate that with you. 

Detailed documents

Before your departure, we provide you with access to an app with all of the details you need.  We include currency info and any special info you need about the local customs, a packing list, and emergency contact info.

Advocating for you 

There always will be bumps in the road with international travel. One example is that Ecuador is under country-wide protests from the Indigenous people this week. Most businesses are closed as well as all of the major roadways. Could you navigate this if you were traveling on a trip planned on your own? Of course, you could. Would it be overwhelming? Most likely. Your vacation should be as stress-free as possible and we do everything we can to achieve that. We’ve moved clients to a new hotel when protests were close to them,  we’ve added more nights to a vacation that clients weren’t ready to have end, we’ve found flights when trains were canceled and we’ve arranged to have luggage shipped home when a client shopped more than she had planned.

Those that had to go it alone when the pandemic hit often lost thousands of dollars.  We advocated for our clients for the best possible outcome.  We make sure you have the best travel insurance to meet your needs and we work with partners that have flexible cancelation terms and conditions. We work for and represent you. We always have your best interests in mind.

Are you thinking about planning an international vacation?  We would be honored to have a call with you to see if we are the right fit. 

Schedule your call with us today!