It’s been a busy week for Premiere Travel Planners!  Deb spent the week cruising the Galápagos Islands – you’ll hear more about that in our next newsletter!  And Debi met with dozens of hoteliers and travel experience guides from around the world.  These experiences truly help us take your vacations from good to great.  When we shake hands with the General Managers from a hotel in Ireland, or sleep on a small ship in the islands, and really connect with the people who take care of our clients, we are honing our expertise as Travel Advisors.

Deb and colleagues with a pair of blue-footed boobies in the Galápagos Islands.
Debi meeting with hoteliers from beachfront properties in Mexico and Hawaii at the Halcyon in Denver.

Since we are in the middle of winter and so many of us are dreaming of a warm getaway, did you know that now is a great time to plan your winter escape for 2024?  Here is some inspiration from Janine Cifelli, a luxury representative for select hotels, to get you started.

Water travel has long been a thing. In Victorian times, doctors prescribed sea air as a cure for everything from pulmonary to mental health conditions. Modern-day studies contend that just looking at a photograph of blue water reduces stress levels in the body.  And those who vacation regularly or live on the coast are reportedly happier and healthier than their landlocked friends. The peace that people feel around water is what Wallace J. Nichols, Ph.D., a marine biologist and author, calls our ‘blue mind’ – a chance to escape for a rare moment of solitude. 

When it comes to water, these properties are no strangers to its restorative and healing power:

Katikies Santorini, Greece: The Greek Isles top even the most-veteran traveler’s list, with laid-back Santorini the headliner. Located on the romantic side of the island, Katikies Santorini offers endless sea views, filmy white-on-white rooms, and signature pink bougainvillea. Just glancing at the dazzling azure water surrounding the hotel will bring down your blood pressure.

Hotel Le Toiny, St. Barth: There’s no shortage of spectacular water views (or immersions) at Hotel Le Toiny, where each villa comes with its own private plunge pool. The beach, once used only by local surfers, is now home to the chic Beach Club. Hidden on a secluded beach in the shade of seagrapes and palapas, the Club brings guests swimming and dining access to the once wildly rugged beachscape.

Ballyfin, Ireland: Set at the foot of the mountains next to a lake, Ballyfin is one of the most lavish Georgian homes in Ireland.  Ballyfin was family-owned for 100 years before opening in 2011 as a luxurious 21-room hotel. It boasts lush gardens, hidden grottos, falconry, skeet, shooting and period art.  For a full immersion into Ballyfin’s history, dress in period costume and with a splash of top-shelf whiskey in hand, make way into the dining room for a traditional dinner of Texel lamb and black pudding. The outdoor cascading fountain is iconic here. But the lake is also quite relaxing. Glide across the glass-still water, or allow the butler to do the rowing. 

Hotel Esprit Saint Germain, Paris: Residing in the leafy Left Bank, Hotel Esprit Saint Germain offers access to one of the world’s most sought-after water features: The Seine. Stroll for hours, then return to the hotel for complimentary wine (French of course).

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