Discover Antigua & Barbuda’s Amazing Beaches

Let's go island hopping and discover more about the Caribbean! Debi visited Antigua shortly before Covid hit in 2020. Antigua and Barbuda is an independent nation that boasts miles of beautiful beaches. I love beach vacations for the adventures, relaxation, and...

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Our trip to Dominica and the #1 resort in the Caribbean

Debi and Todd just returned from Dominica, The Nature Island. Dominica (pronounced Dom-in-EEK-a, and not to be confused with the Dominican Republic) is the youngest Caribbean Island and the last to be colonized, ultimately earning its independence on November 3, 1978....

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Come With Us to Uganda!

As many of you know, I had the opportunity to visit Uganda this past August. If you followed my trip on social media you know that I loved every minute of it. It was such an incredible experience that I'm not exaggerating when I say it was LIFE CHANGING! And now, I...

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Five Travel Trends for 2023

I love fall - the days are more relaxed, the leaves are falling from the trees, and I am looking forward to my favorite winter holidays. For many of us as we gather with friends and family we talk about where we traveled over the last year and where we hope to go next...

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Behind the Scenes at Denver’s Airport Expansion

Debi with Rocky Mountain ASTA on one of the new outdoor spaces at Denver International Airport. Debi had an opportunity to hear updates from the Senior Vice Presidents of Airport Expansion, Special Projects, and Government & Community Affairs at Denver...

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