Discover Ecuador

Borders are opening, borders are closing; travel restrictions come and go; vaccinations are rolling out globally. Travel remains complicated but really rewarding! This week we are planning trips to Italy, Ireland, Colombia, St Lucia, Amsterdam, France, and Costa Rica....

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8 of Our Favorite Types of Adventure

It doesn’t always mean bungee jumping or swimming with sharks. At Premiere Travel Planners, we love adventure and travel...and we really love it when they intersect! Whether it's Deb rafting and camping down the San Juan River in Utah, or Debi kayaking and snorkeling...

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Endless Adventures in Fiji

This exotic country in the Pacific Ocean is certainly captivating. Its beauty is undeniable, so it's no wonder the archipelago of more than 300 islands is one very desirable getaway destination in the world. The natural allure of Fiji isn't the only reason to visit...

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France – So Much More Than Paris

When you think of France, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  If you are like me, you immediately picture the Eiffel Tower or the Mona Lisa. But there is so much to discover!   France is one of the largest countries in Europe and is definitely very...

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Highlights and Hidden Gems of Colombia

Colombia is the country of color, happiness and hospitality…and Debi and her husband will be experiencing it this summer! We are putting the trip together with one of our South American partners, Pure! Travel Group, and they are helping us with this newsletter....

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