About Us

Meet the team that takes your travel from good to great—saving you time and stress along the way.

At Premiere Travel Planners, we are travel advisors who turn the discerning travelers’ vacation dreams into reality.

Using our global connections and professional experience, we design your customized trip to be as unique as you. All the details will be taken care of so you can travel with confidence.

We are passionate about travel that inspires deeper connections with others and our world.

Your Team of Premiere Travelers Planners


Deb Clark founded Premiere Travel Planners after closing her fitness business and working for a travel franchise for a year. She realized that as an independent business owner she could work in the best interest of her clients and not the franchise. Deb is able to combine her passion for travel with years of business ownership experience including personal training and senior home care. She brings great discipline, ability to work with different types of clients, and knowledge of the importance of good processes and most of all, a dedication to make sure each client enjoys a fabulous travel experience.

Besides being a globetrotter, Deb enjoys cycling, hiking, kayaking, cooking, reading, and loving on her rescue dogs. Her favorite parts of travel are exploring new places, local cooking classes and meeting new people. Deb specializes in Africa, Antarctica, and Europe, especially European River Cruises and multi-country trips.

Deb Clark, Verified Travel Advisor

Debi Kelley joined Premiere Travel Planners after years of planning personal trips for family and friends. She has been providing high levels of customer service to clients for over twenty years as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. She now applies her listening and attention skills to planning unique and personal travel experiences.

When not working or traveling, Debi can be found riding her motorcycle, walking her dogs, gardening, hiking, and hanging out with her husband and two sons. She serves on her local Chamber of Commerce and the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA). Having a spouse with Multiple Sclerosis and a son with Type I Diabetes, Debi understands that travel can come with unique challenges, and works hard to ensure that potential problems are considered before travel to make for as smooth a trip as possible. Debi specializes in luxury beach and tropical vacations.

Debi Kelley, Verified Travel Advisor

Kelly joined Premiere Travel Planners in 2022. Kelly lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband Mark. They have two grown boys, Matthew and Adam. While new to the industry, Kelly brings many years of working with clients in their homes. She has spent most of her career in the home furnishing industry.

Kelly loves to travel so it’s only natural for her next venture to be in serving her clients as they want to explore the globe. Kelly specializes in travel to Europe. Her favorite destination is Budapest, Hungary. She also spends a lot of time in upstate New York. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, kayaking, and spending time with friends and family.

Kelly Klafter, Travel Advisor

Ginette has an adventurous spirit. She took a bus from Montreal to Mexico for a 3-month holiday…that was 32 years ago. Since then, she has lived in Europe, South America, Australia, the Middle-East and Asia. She has travelled to over 50 countries. She has worked in various places from Grafton Street at the heart of Dublin to a remote coffee farming community in Ethiopia and many places in between.

She has a transportable career in Education & Corporate training to fulfill her thirst of travels. She founded PurpleLily.org, a NGO that specializes in life skills & financial literacy for women & girls in Borneo.

She prefers slow travel and discovering local cultures. She’s a wine lover and a hiker. She enjoys solo travel as much as she loves travelling with her Australian husband.

Although new to working in the Travel Industry, she brings a wealth of travel experiences, as well as her excellent organizational & communication skills.

Ginette Collin, Assistant

Our Values


At Premiere Travel Planners, we believe travel elevates our lives: it connects us to our fellow travelers, to the locals we meet along the way, and to lands near and far that we explore during travel.  Nothing else can make the world more amazing than seeing it first hand, nor help us recognize our place in the world like travel can. Therefore we believe travel should be done well and right.  Travel done well is luxury your way: whether that is a private car and driver for your tours, matching you with a group of like-minded solo travelers, or a private villa where you don’t see anyone else for a week.  Travel done right is sustainable, respects the local people and land, matches your preferences and lifestyle, and makes the most of your precious time.