Pack Extra Patience for Your Summer Travels

Debi Kelley, Co-Owner & Travel Advisor at Premiere Travel Planners, is heading to Cancun next week. She'll be staying at the Ritz-Carlton and Nizuc Resorts. Like so many Americans, you probably have summer travel plans. Fantastic! It feels so great to get out...

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6 reasons why group trips are great for solo travelers

We get asked frequently about options for solo travelers. Maybe your spouse doesn't want to go to the same destination you do, or maybe you have different amounts of vacation time. Your dream destination could be different than that of your friends. Solo travel...

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Why Now is a Great Time to Cruise

Debi Kelley and her husband Todd just finished a Celebrity Cruise in February. We had a truly great time! The water was that beautiful Caribbean blue, the sun was shining, the breeze was gentle, the food onboard was great…it was just superb!  Read on for some...

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Mexico City Highlights

The stunning Palace of Fine Arts. I've been to Mexico many times and love visiting the beaches and coastal towns, but I haven't visited Mexico City...yet. It is less than a four-hour flight from many US cities making it so accessible for a trip. Mexico City is a city...

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Add Wellness to Your Travel and New Year

I recently read Liane Moriarty’s book Nine Perfect Strangers.  Have you read it, or watched the mini-series on Hulu?  If so, you may be thinking that you never want to visit a wellness retreat!  Let me reassure you wellness retreats are nothing like...

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